How to Make an EASY Superhero Patch

Products Used:

It’s hard to beat superhero movies that are still just as fun and exciting on the hundredth watch as they were the first! This project is an easy way to create a simple Superhero Patch, perfect for adding some chaotic fun to any backpack, jacket or whatever else your heart desires!

How to Create:

Start out by cutting a 2” circle out of Stitch N Shape and a 2” circle from our Sew Much Cosplay red glitter. Take the Sew Much Cosplay black glitter and cut 2 half circles, approximately an eighth of an inch smaller than your red glitter and Stitch N Shape.

Take your Stitch N Shape circle, shiny side down, and your red glitter shiny side up and fuse by pressing an iron onto your red glitter. It is important to iron pressing down and not pushing the iron back and forth. Press the iron for about 15 seconds.

Extra Tip! Place a sheet of Parchment Paper between the Stitch N Shape and your ironing surface. This will prevent your patch from accidentally fusing to your ironing surface!

Leave to cool, if you move while still hot, the glitter could come away from the Stitch N Shape. Once cooled, peel away the heat-resistant pressing sheet.

Now, grab your 2 half black glitter circles, shiny side up and fuse by pressing an iron onto your black glitter against the shiny side of your red glitter. Again, press the iron and wait until completely cooled to pull away your heat-resistant pressing sheet.

Next, cut out the desired shape of the eyes to fit your black half circles. For our project, we decided to mix it up and cut out “X’s” and hearts.

Repeat the exact same process that you used with the red and black glitter. Remember: shiny side up before pressing!

Make your Superhero Patch your own!

You can use your Superhero Patch in lots of ways! Make it a permanent addition to your backpack, jacket, T-shirt or pair of pants simply by flipping the item inside-out and fusing the patch on the right side of the fabric. (Remember to fuse by pressing the iron down, not pushing the iron back and forth!)

Try using different colors and patterns, to truly make this easy project uniquely yours!