Cosplay Awesome Armor Snips

Stay a cut above on your next cosplay build out with our Awesome Armor Snips.
Cosplay making just got a whole lot easier with Awesome Armor Snips!

Cosplay Hero Foam

High-density, closed cell EVA foam in three colors and two thicknesses!
Our high-density hero foam is available in White, Gray, and Black in 2mm and 6mm thicknesses.

Cosplay Mighty Fuse

Need to add strength or body to your fabric? Enter “Mighty Fuse”. Bring two fabrics together for an amazingly strong hold.

Cosplay Power Boost Lining

Tired of frayed fabric before you even make your first seam? Not with Power Boost Lining!

Cosplay Power Shine Glitter and Foil

Outshine everyone else when you add Power Shine Glitter to your next cosplay costume.
Power Shine Glitter is available in Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Black in 18” X 12” Sheets.

Sew Super Cosplay Shears

You’ve spent a lot of money on fabric and supplies. Why cut them with regular scissors? Super Cosplay Shears are designed specifically for fabrics.

Cosplay Super Structure Foam

Add sculptural elements, volume and lift to your cosplay costume without adding weight by using Sew Much Cosplay™ Super Structure Foam from RNK.

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