Create a Monster Cat Pillow!

Products Used:

Adorable plushie pillow creatures are everywhere! You’ve seen them around, at local stores and your favorite conventions! Why not go one step further, and make one of your own?

How To Create:

Cut an 8″ x 8″ square (or size of your liking) of the fabric you chose for the body.


Cut four triangles 3″ wide and 3″ tall of the fabric you want to use for your ears. Two will be for the front of the ears and two will be for the back of the ears.

Measure your ears and cut two triangles of batting to match.

Take your ear triangles, and put the right sides together (Position it so that the two sides of the fabric you want facing out are currently facing in.) Place the triangle batting pieces on top. Pin down and sew the sides of the triangle.

**Remember to keep the bottom of the ears open so you can flip them right-side out!

Once sewn, flip them right-side out using your Turning Tool! This will help you pop out the tips of the ears without breaking the seams!

Moving on to the body of the pillow! Take the 8″ x 8″ squares of fabric with the right sides together (Position is to the sides you want facing out are currently facing in). Place the ears – pointing toward you – in between the two pieces of fabric. The bottom of the ears and the top of the fabric should meet.

Pin around the fabric to hold in place. Keep a 4″ hole on the bottom of the pillow, so you can stuff the batting in later. Now you can sew the pillow!

Once your body is sewn, flip the pillow right-side out using your Turning Tool to pop out the corners of the pillow.

Your pillow is ready for a face! Now it’s time to start cutting the foil and glitter!

Use the cutting tool of your choice to create designs to fuse onto your pillow! We used a digital cutter to create a face, and then used Sew Much Cosplay Power Shine Black Glitter and Silver Foil.

If you don’t have access to a digital cutter, you can still use Power Shine Glitter and Foil by simply drawing on the heat-resistant pressing sheet and cutting along the lines!

If you do use a digital cutter, remember to peel away the parts of the glitter/foil that aren’t a part of your design!

You can also layer Power Shine Glitter and Foil on top of each other! This opens up even more design options! We decided to add Silver Foil on top of our Black Glitter, to give the eyes a bit of sparkle!

Position your first layer on your pillow, with the heat-resistant pressing sheet on top. Set your iron to medium heat and press for 4 seconds. **When you iron it, be sure to press down , and not push back and forth.

If you decide to do multiple layers, be sure to peel away the heat-resistant pressing sheet before you iron on your next layer!

Once you’re done adding layers, it’s time to stuff the pillow! Cut your batting into 4″ x 4″ squares and stuff your pillow through the hole you left!

Once stuffed to your liking, pin the bottom hole together and either hand-stitch or sew together with your machine.

You are now the proud owner of a Monster Cat Pillow!

Combine fabrics, designs, foils and glitters to create infinite combinations of pillows! Use these charming little monsters to decorate your room, gift to friends, or liven up a workspace! With all of these choices available, it’s super easy to make each pillow your own!

If you’d like to use our Monster Cat Face Design…
To download the cut files to use with a digital cutter, CLICK HERE!
To download the PDF image to trace and cut by hand, CLICK HERE!